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The Woodward Farmers’ Market Association is an apolitical Community Organization supporting and promoting biologically sound agriculture, local foods, public health, and a resilient local economy through education, public outreach, advocacy and sponsoring community events.


The  Woodward  Farmers’  Market  Association’s  Vision  is  to link regional/community  farmers,growers and producers growing or making their own products with consumers, improve local public health, educate our producers, grow new producers and improve our natural resources,economy and community.


The Woodward   Farmers’  Market Association purpose is to provide   a   regional/community farmers’ market for growers and the regional/community by offering healthy locally grown foods that improve public health and to educate farmers, legislators and the public about the benefits of consuming fresh locally  produced  food.     The  second   purpose   is   to address the   need to develop and utilize biologically sound growing methods that support soil health and conserve natural resources while producing local foods that support public health, a local food supply anda healthy economy.




The   name   of   the   Association   shall   be   the   Woodward   Farmers   Market   Association,   and   is hereafter referred to as the Association.




The purpose of this Association is to operate a Farmers Market in Woodward, Oklahoma, to provide the opportunity to preserve the connection between farmers and consumers; to educate consumers about the benefits of preserving local agriculture and the benefits of using locally produced foods, and to help support the local economy.




NATURE OF THE MARKET:  The Woodward Farmers Market (“Market”) is a diversified Market offering Oklahoma based agricultural and non-agricultural goods for sale.The Market is a registered Oklahoma Farmers Market and member of the Oklahoma Grown Farmers Association.  We are a direct marketing outlet for producers of certified and uncertified agricultural products.  These producers may sell their agricultural products directly to consumers without meeting the usual size, standard pack and container requirements for such products except in the case of eggs and pre-packaged items.  However, all produce must meet minimum quality standards:  mature, but not over-ripe, void of decay, have good external/internal appearance and be clean and free of contamination and pests.The non-agricultural goods add variety and enhance the festive ambiance of the Market.  The same producer-to-consumer philosophy applies for all items sold at the Market, including non-agricultural items.

The resale of all products is prohibited except as provided in these Rules:  for Nonprofit Organizations and Community Information Groups.




The Woodward Farmers Market Association is managed, operated and controlled by the Woodward Farmers Market Association Board.  The Woodward Farmers Market Association Board shall implement and enforce all Rules and Regulations pertaining to the operation of the Market in a fair and equitable manner.  Any approved seller or applicant aggrieved by the action of a Market agent can appeal to the Woodward Farmers Market Association Board whose decision shall be final.




Membership in the Association  is available on  a non-discriminatory basis to any  person, orfamily, who is engaged  in the production  of agricultural products in Oklahoma.   Woodward,Harper, Ellis, Dewey, Woods and Major counties will be given preference if space becomes limited.   Since  the  WWFMA   is located  in   a  low   population  region  neighboring   Kansas  and Texas,   The   WWFMA   offers   producers   neighboring   counties   in   Kansas   and   Texas   the opportunity to join the Market with the provision that such vendors do not exceed 30% of theMarkets’ members from Oklahoma.    Any member from Kansas or Texas must identify their produce/products as grown/produced in their respective state.  All processed items are required to be processed in Oklahoma and, when possible, include Oklahoma grown ingredients.   A member and their household are entitled to use the market site facilities for the sale of such products.   Members of the Association shall not be official representatives of the Association unless   specifically   authorized   by   the   Board.     No   public   statements   of   members   shall   be construed as representing the Association unless so authorized.




Each member shall have but one vote not determined by the number of spaces, and voting by proxy shall not be permitted.   Voting shall be by voice, phone or hand vote except that any member may request a secret ballot.  Such shall be granted without discussion.  Majority votes shall be necessary to secure passage of an issue unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws.




1. The election of officers will be held at the November meeting and the officers will be affirmed

     at the January meeting with the exact date and time of those meetings to be determined by

     the membership.

2. Election of officers is every two years, at the November meeting.

3. Information for final reports will be gathered at the November meeting.

4. Newly elected officers will take office in January following the November election.

5. Special meetings of the members of the Association may be called by the Board at any time.

6. It  shall  be   the President’s or the Board’s duty to call such a  special  meeting when

    twenty-five percent (25%) of the members (of the Association) file with the

    AssociationSecretary a petition requesting a special meeting and specifying the business to

    be considered at such a meeting.

7. All members shall be notified prior to each meeting.

8. At any meeting of the members of the Association where notice is given, ten percent(10%) of

     the members shall constitute a quorum, and said quorum shall in no case be fewer than five

    (5) members, including three (3) Board members 

9. Parliamentary procedure shall be followed at all Association meetings.




1. The Business, Property of the Association and the affairs of the Association shall be

     managed   by   a   Board   consisting   of   the   eight   (5)   officers   of   the   Association:    

      The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer. 

2. The term  of office of  the Board is  two years. Election  of officers will be held at the

     November meeting. The newly elected officers shall begin their elected term beginning

    January 1. 

3. When a vacancy on the Board occurs, other than by expiration of term, the remaining

    members of the Boards shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term.

4. The President or any three Board members may call a meeting of the Board at any time by

     giving actual or written notice thereof to all members of the Board at least three days before

     said meeting.

5. Fifty percent (50%) of the Board present shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of 

   The Board.

6. The Board shall have general supervision and control of the business and affairs of

    The Association and shall make all necessary rules and regulations not inconsistent with law

    or these By-Laws for the management  of  the  business  and guidance of  the officer,

    employees and agents of the Association.

7. The   Board   shall   keep   a   complete   record   of   all  its   acts   and   the   proceedings

    of its meetings, and it shall present a full statement at the November meeting of the

    Association, showing in detail the condition and affairs of the Association.

8. Members   of   the   Board   shall   be   in   attendance   at   seventy-five percent (75%) of   all

    meetings or be subject to removal,  with the exception of emergency, and unless absence is  

    approved beforehand.




The Community Advisory Group shall consist of at least three members of the community and the Association Public Relations Officer.




Friends of Farmers Market are shoppers and local community leaders interested in the growth and success of the Farmers Market.




No change to the Constitution shall be made without 10 days advance notice to the members and with 75% agreement of all the voting members present at two consecutive meetings before a change is enacted.




No change to the By-Law shall be made without 50% agreement of the voting members present at two consecutive meetings before a change is enacted.


This Constitution was prepared and approved July 3, 2014

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