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          Rules and Regulations



The Market runs from the last Saturday in May through the last Saturday in October.

If produce is ready, Market may open as early as the 1st Saturday in March.

If produce is available, Market may stay open on Saturdays through December.

Special events will be determined at a later date.

MARKET LOCATION:   The North East corner at 13th and Locust Street  

MARKET MAILING ADDRESS:  1518 14TH St., Woodward, OK  73801

MARKET HOURS:  Saturdays:  8:00 am to 1 pm - Tuesdays & Thursdays 2 pm to 6 pm or

                                 sellout (when produce is available)                    


In order to ensure the successful maintenance of the Market as an efficient and effective outlet for producers to sell their products directly to consumers, the Woodward Farmers Market Association has established the following Rules for approved sellers.




  1. To become an approved seller at the Market, a prospective seller must complete an application-to-sell.  The application must be approved prior to the seller exercising the privilege of selling at the Market.  A complete application packet includes:

    a. The complete application-to-sell.

    b.Copies of all appropriate licenses and permits.

    c. Pay annual dues of $50.00 per 10’x10’ space.  $25 for youth up to 19 years of age.

2. Absolutely no refunds.

3. Admission to the Market as an approved seller shall be subject to consideration of an approved seller’s history of compliance with Market Rules.

4. Admission of an approved seller may be conditioned by the type of product.

5. Admission to the Woodward Farmers Market Association is permitted for anyone living in Oklahoma and the surrounding counties of Kansas and Texas, with preference given to members from Woodward, Harper, Ellis, Dewey, Major and Woods counties in Oklahoma if space becomes limited.   

6. A market vendor must grow at least 70% of his produce.  He is authorized to purchase up to 30% of his products from other growers or farmers in Oklahoma.  Proof of purchase will be required, including name and address of grower.  Such purchases can only be made directly from growers and farmers and not from wholesalers or other farm stands.

7. The resale of all products is prohibited except as provided in these Rules and Regulations, or by special approval of the Board.

8. Youth memberships will be charged at half the rate of a regular membership.  Youth is defined as 15 to 19 years of age.  Youth under 18 years old will need a signed parental consent before their first market day. No person under the age of eighteen years old will be allowed to hold an office.

9. Individuals who do not want to be full-time members of the market will pay $10 each day they want to come and sell. They will not have a voice or a vote in the market.

10. If an individual joins the WWFMA in the months of November or December, they will be considered a member through December of the next calendar year. 




1. Helpers or volunteers may be used as needed. 

 2. All current sellers wanting to maintain their membership in good standing will pay the annual dues by January 31 of each year.  New members will pay the annual dues with the submission of their application.

3. No peddlers will be permitted at the Market.  Resale is permitted for Non-profit organizations, so long as the resale of items is related to or in support of their organization for fundraising purposes.  The Board must approve all resale items sold by Non-profit organizations at the Market prior to sale.

4. All scales are subject to inspection by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.  405-521-3864.

5. Canned goods must be labeled

6. Baked goods and canned goods must be labeled in accordance with the Oklahoma Homemade Food Freedom Act of November 1, 2021. See attached bill for guidelines.

7.   All required permits and licenses shall be on Market premises during selling hours.

8.   All sellers must comply with Health and Safety Codes or any other laws regulating food  sampling at a certified Farmers Market, and the guidelines listed below.  Failure to do  so may result in fines levied per occurrence.  Any fines levied on the Market by the   County or State Environmental Health Department for incorrect sampling procedures   shall be assessed to the vendor responsible for the noncompliance.

a.  All food shall be stored at least six (6) inches off the floor or ground or under any

     other conditions that are approved.

b. Distribution of food samples is allowed provided that the following sanitary conditions


1. Samples shall be personally distributed only by the seller to the customer on a one-on-one basis.  Customers are not to serve themselves.  Any samples observed to be in violation would be removed and discarded.  The producer shall distribute samples in a sanitary manner. 

2. Samples shall be kept in approved, clean covered containers.

3. Tongs and /or clean disposable plastic gloves shall be used when cutting and distributing samples.

4. Food intended for sampling shall be washed or cleaned in another manner, of any soil or other material by potable water in order that it is wholesome and safe for consumption.

5. Vendors of prepared foods and canned goods must follow parameters set forth in the Oklahoma Homemade Food Freedom Act of November 1, 2021. All other prepared food must follow parameters set forth by the Oklahoma Department of Health in accordance with a vendors manufacturing license.

6. Potentially hazardous food samples shall be maintained at or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  All other food samples shall be disposed of within two hours of cutting.

7. Utensil and hand washing water shall be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

8. All garbage and rubbish shall be stored and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

9. Sellers of salad mix shall post a notice indicating that the mix is field harvested and should be washed before serving.  If the salad mix has been washed in a certified kitchen in accordance with Health Department regulations, such notice is not needed.

10.  Watermelon or any produce item must be sold whole (no halves or slices); however growers may cut produce and wrap it in plastic wrap for display. 

11. The seller is responsible for assessing each buyer the appropriate city, county and state sales taxes on products sold (other than produce) and reporting to the Oklahoma Tax Commission as per their requirements.  An Oklahoma Sales Tax number is required for all sellers if selling products other than Produce.  The Woodward Farmers Market Association is in no way responsible for collection of taxes. Vendors are required to have their license on site each Market Day.  Contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission for an application:  405-521-3279.

12. All Vendors must post the prices for each item being sold.  Vendors present will collaborate with each other at the beginning of each market day to agree upon prices.  Vendors may sell 25 cents higher or lower than the agreed upon price.  NO UNDER CUTTING.


a. Sellers must maintain their spaces in a clean and sanitary condition.  Each seller shall remove containers, cigarettes, paper, customer’s trash, waste and trimmings before leaving the Market.  Sellers shall not use the City’s trash bins.  Trash collected must be disposed of off-site; sellers are required to bring their own trash bags.

b. Fire safety regulations require that no portable fuel containers, oily rags or flammable trash be in the Market area.

    1. c. Sellers must provide their own tables.  Sellers may use a vehicle for surplus products.

      d. Liability Insurance: Each vendor is recommended to have Accident Liability Insurance. If

      the vendor chooses to not carry their own Accident Liability Insurance and an accident

      occurs the vendor may be held liable for damages.

      14. Sellers must display a sign/banner bearing the producers business/farm name or individual name and the letter on the sign must be legible. Failure to display a sign may result in fines levied per occurrence.







Sellers who do not comply with these standards of conduct may be subject to discipline.


a. Sellers shall be honest and shall conduct themselves at all times in a courteous and business-like manner.  Rude, abusive or other disruptive or offensive conduct is not permitted.

b. Conduct by sellers that is materially and seriously prejudicial to the reputation or operating of the Market is not permitted.

c. Sellers experiencing any difficulty with customers or other sellers in this regard should refer the matter promptly to a Board member.

d. No radios or boom boxes may be played during Market hours.  No loud hawking, shouting or barking to promote products is allowed.

e. All product promotion must occur within the space assigned to the producer and not in any common area.

f. Seller’s pets are not allowed in the Market. This includes in the sellers vehicles.

g. Only one vehicle is allowed in the selling area per space.  All secondary vehicles of employees and relatives must be parked in the far area of the parking section.  If at any time parking becomes an issue for the customers, secondary parking for vendors will be limited to off-site.


15.  Sellers must use discretion when handing out food.  Do not provide more than usual sample sizes to anyone begging for food.  If, at any point, a person is interfering with sales or making customers feel uncomfortable due to begging, please notify a Board member and said person will be referred to appropriate facilities for help.


16. Sellers are responsible for the actions of their representatives.


17. All sellers must comply with all Federal, State and local laws, ordinances and regulations.


18. All sellers must contact a Board member in the event of any type of emergency pertaining to the Market.


19. All sellers must submit in writing any complaints/grievances that they wish the Board to address.







A seller may be removed from the Market or have selling privileges suspended and will be subject to the following procedures:

a. Whenever the Board believes a seller has violated the conditions of the Rules and regulations of the Market, a Board member may issue a verbal or written warning or may issue a notice of proposed suspension.

b. Any verbal warning or informal written warning shall be followed by written notice of proposed suspension documenting such warning.  Such written notice of proposed suspension or modification of selling privileges shall be mailed or personally delivered to the seller within seven (7) days of such verbal warning.  The notice shall state the time and place of the Board hearing on the proposed suspension or other action.  Such hearing shall be held no later than thirty (30) days after mailing or personal service of the written notice of proposed suspension.  The Board shall inform the seller of the reasons for the warning or notice.

c. A seller who has been suspended, or a seller or applicant aggrieved by a decision of the Board, may file a written request with a Board member requesting reconsideration of a determination made by the Board.  The person requesting reconsideration shall file a written request within ten (10) days of the adoption of the Boards determination.  If no person files a timely request, the Board shall not take any action pursuant to this action and the Boards decision shall be final.d. Whenever a Board member determines that an immediate suspension of a seller’s privilege in the Market is necessary to preserve the health, safety or welfare of the Market customers, other Market sellers or the public, the Board member may suspend the seller’s right to sell.  Such suspension shall be effective immediately.  The Board member shall provide the seller with a notice of suspension state the date, time and place of the Boards hearing on the suspension.  Thereafter, the hearing procedures detailed above shall be followed.e. If any member vendor intentionally violates the by-laws by misrepresenting their products to the public and/or the association shall be subject to a fine of $100 (which will go to support the market) for the first violation and dismissal thereafter for future violations.



Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts in the Shell, Shelled Eggs, Honey, Cut Flowers, and Nursery Stock

1. Sellers in this category are those who have grown or produced the products they sell.

2. Egg vendors must have a license from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF).   405-522-6117, 405-522-5924 or 405-521-3864.  Application time is no more than a week.  5000 dozen or less per year fee is $50.  Eggs must be packed in new cartons, labeled properly with size, business information, pack date as well as expiration date (45 days past pack date). 

3. All prepared food sold and honey will fall under the rules of the Oklahoma Homemade Food Freedom Act that went into effect November 1, 2021. The bill will be attached to this document.

4. The sale of nursery stock requires a grower’s license from the Plant Industry Board at the Department of Agriculture.  Cost of the license is $38 and should take no longer then 1 ½ weeks to receive.  Contact Mary Ricciotti at 405-521-3864.




Live Animals, Livestock, Fish, Wine, Worms, Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Processed Nuts, Juices, Pickled Fruits and Vegetables, Jams.

1. Sellers in this category are those who have grown, bred, raised, or cultivated, the products in fresh or processed form.  These sellers may have their products dried, ground, roasted, juiced, smoked or otherwise altered following the homemade Food Freedom Act of November 1, 2021.  Packages must be accurately labeled to include weight, handling instructions, vendor information, etc.

2. Vendors must have a licensed mobile unit for transporting and storage of meats while at Market.

3. Animals must be slaughtered and processed in a state or federally inspected facility and show the market of inspection, with the possible exception of poultry sold in advance of delivery at the Farmers Market. (ODAFF Meat Inspection call 405-522-6114)4. If a certified kitchen is rented or used, other than the vendors own certified kitchen, we need a letter from the owner stating you have permission to use their kitchen.  This is required for each use. Pioneer Room letter from the Woodward City Office, Fair Barns from Melanie Matt, and churches from the Minister.




1.  Rules and Regulations for Sellers of processed/prepared foods.

a. Sellers in this category are those who have cooked, canned, baked, preserved, or

   otherwise treated the product they sell.  Sellers shall prepare the finished product.

b. All prepared foods must be made/processed following the Oklahoma Homemade Food

Freedom Act. If meats or fresh fruit is included in the recipe the food must be prepared in a

County Health Department Certified Kitchen.

2.  Rules and Regulations for Sellers of Crafts.


a. Sellers in this category are those who have created, sewn, constructed, or otherwise

fashioned from component materials the item(s) they sell.  The component materials must be

sufficiently modified from their original state to demonstrate fine craftsmanship. 

b. Crafts are encouraged to be thematic with the Farmers Market. Crafts are encouraged

     to reflect images of agriculture, agrarian lifestyle or the Market in general.

c. All craft applications shall be reviewed by the Board.

d. The above rules apply to all sellers of Crafts, including Agricultural Producers who sell

     soaps, lotions, scrubs and salves that they create, made from the agricultural and 

     processed agricultural products they produce.

e. There shall be no more than a 20% craft to produce ratio of the overall Market


f. No junk sale items.  We are not a garage sale.




1. Non-profit organizations and Community Information Groups (organizations) shall be allowed at the Market whenever space is available.  Each group or individual is allowed to come as needed throughout the year.  All organizations must set-up in the space assigned by the Board.

2. An organization's request for space must be made to the Board prior to the Market Day.  Designated spaces for organizations shall be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. An applicant must provide the Board with satisfactory proof of the organizations non-profit status and of his/her position as a representative of the organization.

4. Only Non-profit and Community Information Groups may engage in the resale of items related to or in support of their organizations for fundraising purposes.  All resale items must be pre-approved by the Board and may not compete with the sales of the farmers Market vendors.

5. Organization representatives shall not interfere with Market operations by aggressively soliciting signatures, donations or attention.  Such activities shall not block sidewalks or access to assigned selling spaces.

6. The Market retains the right to regulate the time, place and manner of activities relating to displays, signs, posters, placards and other expressions of the interests represented.  The Board may prohibit the use of fighting words, obscenities, grisly or gruesome displays or highly inflammatory slogans likely to provoke a disturbance.

7. Each organization must prominently display its name and must comply with all applicable Market Rules.



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